KD Press Kit

KD CUSTOM JEWELRY is inspired by peace and compassion.

The KD logo shield was consciously designed to remind the wearer they are ALWAYS protected in the highest force in the universe: LOVE!

All gemstones used in producing our pieces are hand selected to ensure the highest quality. KD CUSTOM JEWELRY believes that by using high quality gemstones in our designs, the wearer benefits from all of the stones natural healing properties. We do our best to source metal components from made in America companies. Each piece of jewelry we make has slight variations from every other piece giving every customer a one-of-kind piece of art!

In November 2013 KD CUSTOM JEWELRY became the official hand selected line of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC international retail stores! Katy flew to Madrid and London for National Geographic to conduct three different workshops teaching people about jewelry making and conscious compassion.

KD CUSTOM JEWELRY was featured at the 2015 OSCARS ECO LOUNGE. Celebrities loved our featured PET PROTECTOR charm for their pets.

2015 KD CUSTOM JEWELRY was selected as one of the TOP 25 PRODUCTS of WWDMAGIC by Kevin Harrington (from Shark Tank) and the panel of THE BIG PITCH.

KD CUSTOM JEWELRY is passionate about giving back to our local and global communities. KD CUSTOM JEWELRY donates to various nonprofit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, The Humane Society, Greenpeace, Surfrider and the Boys and Girls Club. The KD CUSTOM JEWELRY philosophy is to develop socially conscious jewelry that people can feel good about wearing.

KD CUSTOM JEWELRY is available for purchase in the National Geographic international retail stores and online.

For press inquiries, please contact Katy Dohery